COVID19 Update: I’m Tired

On March 12, 2020 my town went crazy at the grocery store and it hasn’t gotten any better, yet. I’m happy to live in a state (KY) where the Governor has taken steps to treat the Corona Virus as a real threat. Every night he is on having updates and being proactive. Some places are not as lucky. Some people are not heeding the warnings.

Currently my day job is still unable to find a way to have us work outside the office. The pandemic has left my office scrambling for ways to get us all home. It isn’t that the technology doesn’t exist, it’s just the sheer number of people needing this teleworking access wasn’t planned for. Which I find ironic considering my day job involves working for the government.

Apparently the internet is also full with all the people who have been sent home or laid off in this time of need. Children are trying to telelearn and parents are trying to telework.

Next week I have to start working 10 hour days with a forced day off chosen by management. My schedule may change after that. I’m not sure. I keep going to work every day to do my job because I know it’s important. On a normal day, I actually like my day job. I’m trying my best, but y’all I’m tired and my mind is running at 100 MPH most days. My concentration is out the window. My anxiety is full tilt.

I’m tired of having to go to the grocery store every day at 7AM to try to gather at least a full week of groceries. I mean, I just went to the store on the 8th like always and bought my usual groceries for pick up at both Kroger and Wal-mart with no problem. By the 12th, it had devolved into apocalypse world. The town I live in isn’t big, but physically going to many stores searching for an item is exhaustive. This is why I don’t do Black Friday!

I’m hoping some down time this weekend will help my mind ease where I’m not on edge so much. I want to be able to use my time away from my desk, since there is no OT, to be creative, but my brain is just mush lately. You may have noticed a real lack of any kind of posts from me this week and that’s because I didn’t get a chance to make any. My world has literally been work and looking for basic household items for the last week.

So, in an effort to get in the right head space, I’m going to remind you I still am trying to hit the USA Today List with the anthology Darkness Rising. We have 12 free books if you pre-order (click the picture for the page) on any platform plus bonuses for certain platforms!

Also, don’t forget you can get two more additional books if you pre-order on certain platforms (click the picture for details). I’ve read Medusa and it’s a good story!

Be sure to check out the awesome interactive video above. I’m learning how to make videos AND make them interactive.

I hope all of you are safe and able to find supplies. I hope your states are trying to take care of you. If you are laid off, I hope you are getting financial support. If you are tired and stressed, I hope you find some peace. In the next few posts, I’m going to try to gather interesting things you can do online, freebies, sales, etc. I seriously have a bunch of things bookmarked. Let’s get through this together.


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