Kindle Unlimited:  Free For US Customers Deal

Kindle Unlimited: Free For US Customers Deal

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As promised, I’m writing some blog posts about different things to help you entertain yourself or get good deals during this harrowing time. First up, free KU!

Hopefully the link above works. Since I redeemed mine already, it won’t let me have the link to share LOL. If you live in the US you can get a free 2 month subscription to KU, but you have to redeem it by April 30th. Also note, you can cancel it at anytime, but if you don’t cancel they will keep charging you.

I have gathered a small list of some books enrolled in KU you might want to try. This will help small authors during this time, especially since they can’t go to their normal shows and conventions right now!

I don’t have any books in KU, but I do have a story in Dragons Within from my publisher Balance of Seven. If you want to read something I’ve written through KU, try that book!


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