Only The Good Die Young

Only The Good Die Young

An old woman shook with another violent coughing fit.  She sat up right before blood spewed down her chin.  The woman futilely blotted at the mess before rearranging her covers.  She started to lay down but stopped.  “Who’s there?”  When there was no reply, Gabi let out a ragged, breathy laugh.  “So, Death comes to cheat me once again.  My lung was supposed to be here today.”

Altessa moved from her spot in the shadows.  “I know you’re still bitter about your son, but death isn’t an end, it’s a beginning.  When humans complete enough good deeds or experience enough suffering, they earn the chance to move on.  Only the good, like Alaric, die young.”

“I’ve suffered a lot, you know?”

Altessa stretched out her hand.  “I know, I’ve been watching you for a long time.”

Gabi grasped Altessa’s hand before slumping over in bed one last time.

(C) Shannon McRoberts 2020 (150 Word (or less) Story on the topic Perspective


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