Dragons Within:  A Trilogy of Adventure

Dragons Within: A Trilogy of Adventure

Dragons Within

Anthologies by Balance of Seven

When I was working on gearing up for promoting “Guarding Her Own” the book was called “Winter Dragons” in our communications because we didn’t know the title of the book yet. We just knew the book was releasing in the winter quarter. Game of Thrones had just ended a few months before the release of the anthology and I remember having great fun with “Winter is Coming” memes and dragons. I smile every time I see the cover of the anthology sitting on my shelf. I also smile because GHO was an Amazon #1 Bestseller and it racked up a few awards!

The incredible amount of talent in these three anthologies is breathtaking. The first two anthologies have won or placed in several prestigious juried contests. The authors in these anthologies are amazing. And I still find it hard to believe my little story was selected to sit amongst the caliber of work in these tomes.

My story, Scorpions of Justice, is one of the few stories I’ve allowed to be published by someone else. I never thought I’d let a true publishing house near my stories, or even submit to a short story contest sponsored by one, but Balance of Seven is something of a different animal. They are a company promoting new and different things by new and different writers. They love to support independent artists of all kinds. Everything they produce is unique and refreshing. They most definitely are not stodgy old gatekeepers with sour faces.

I believe a great way to sample the kinds of books a press puts out is by reading their anthologies. This way you, the reader, get the maximum bang for your buck. You aren’t limited to just one type of story, but several carefully curated works. You might even find a new favorite author!

Balance of Seven has put out three Dragons Within anthologies. It’s a Trifecta of awesomeness. I know Christmas is over, but these anthologies would make great gifts. Stock up on a few copies of each to have on hand for those last minute gifts. You know like that box in the hall closet your parent had for gifts when you got invited to a birthday party for the 97th time? You can use one of those as an adult, too! Uncle Bob’s coming to the Easter party and you forgot to get him a gift? Cousin Susie is having a birthday party and you were invited an hour before it starts? That annoying co-worker, what’s his face, is retiring and you need a gift? Just plop a bow on one of these anthologies and fret no more.

Oh, and if you hurry you might still be able to snag the ultimate gift pack: The Dragon Hoard. This crate of loot is crazy. Handmade stuff from small artisans, a book, cool art….it’s an awesome collection. Plus, if you buy this mega hoard box, you can easily part out the pieces as gifts for several people. I mean, even the box the items come in is fantabulous and worthy of display…it features art by yours truly. If the box hasn’t sold out by now, since it was a limited edition run, you can check out the options here: https://balance-of-seven.square.site/ . It’s never too late to think about getting gifts at a good price…even if the gift is only for you.

Check out the covers and blurbs for each of the anthologies below:

Claiming Her Wings

Paperback: https://balance-of-seven.square.site/product/dragons-within-claiming-her-wings/16 

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X1WF64T/ 

“In a world full of princesses, always be a dragon.”

A disillusioned demon hunter runs from her power. A deposed queen must consider the consequences of reclaiming her throne. A special agent faces the flames of injustice in a gut-wrenching trial. A medical mystery turns into a pursuit of dragons—across space and time.

Welcome to Dragons Within: a fiery, quick-paced collection of stories featuring twelve women with dragon-like traits who hold untapped magic and power within. Some are full-blooded dragons, while others are simply human—but each carries the spirit of a dragon. Bringing together the fantastical and the mundane, the unique stories in this anthology span a wide range, from trial by magic and first encounters between human and dragon—to facing writer’s block and harnessing the power of language.

A little girl navigates bullying, grief, and fair-weather friends while learning to embrace her inner dragon. A fashionista hunts for a one-of-a-kind piece to display in her closet. An encounter with mystical horse-like beings awakens a former rodeo star’s true magic. The spirit of a dragon shines forth during a mother’s grueling battle with cancer.

Thoughtfully crafted by twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, these stories create a broad, limitless sky where individuals embrace their personal magic and rise. In the face of self-doubt, cunning, and fear, the women in Dragons Within must vanquish both inner and outer foes . . . claim their wings—and fly.

Guarding Her Own

Paperback: https://balance-of-seven.square.site/product/dragons-within-guarding-her-own/15 

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08166FVRW 

“I am dragon. I am free. You are mine to protect.”

A truth-seeker becomes imbued with the power to tip the scales of justice.

A headstrong privateer tempers her courage in the heart of a violent storm.

A pair of mittens leads to a family history rich with dragons.

Sparks fly when a chronically single pilot finally meets her match.

Enter the world of Dragons Within: a place where woman and dragon are one in the same: reigning strong, fierce, and free. Forging bonds with the world of mankind, these unconquerable beings discover a love for the vulnerable, the fragile, the broken.

A pregnant goddess seeks refuge for her children during war. A telepathic soldier finds the courage to claim her humanity. A dragon in human form uses her gifts to protect abuse victims in need. A girl chases a soldier through a desert wasteland to find her missing brother.

Featuring twelve new and emerging speculative fiction writers, this power-driven book delves deep into the journey from treasure hunter to guardian, mercenary to savior, fire-breather to martyr. Transforming rage into righteousness, the women of Dragons Within claim their people, pledging their lives to… guard their own.

Embracing Her Fire

Paperback: https://balance-of-seven.square.site/product/dragons-within-embracing-her-fire/149 

eBook: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09KYJ4V95 

“People who only see the bad call us cursed. Now I have a chance to change that narrative.”

A noblewoman struggles to mind her manners when a pack of brutes manhandles her silks.

A strategist weighs the growth of her career against the fate of her humanity.

A deadly huntress questions her ability to serve as a kind, gentle leader.

Fearing execution, a sweet-natured jeweler hides a dark secret.

Journey into the world of Dragons Within and dance with a fire that flows through the veins of powerful women. Often viewed as evil and destructive, dragons lend their strength to aid their friends and loved ones. Similarly, certain traits in women are touted as unacceptable or taboo, but the women in this anthology claim those traits for their own good and the good of those around them.

A lonely healer takes on the burdens of a troubled lake and the sorrowful spirits therein. A hapless lady taken to sea turns the tide from victim to victor. A self-conscious accountant dares to delve into desires that break the rules. A puppy lover with a short fuse takes on the Underworld with a quirky conviction.

Powerfully crafted by twelve new and emerging speculative fiction authors, these tales shine a beacon of hope in the face of condemnation, giving others the courage to chase their dreams with scorching determination and impenetrable resolve. Shedding their fear, the women of Dragons Within approach the all-consuming black blaze and . . .embrace their fire.


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