Breaking News: Select Books Now Available In Audio

Breaking News: Select Books Now Available In Audio

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t have my books in some kind of audio format. I’ve read many articles about how “audio” books make the most money. Personally, I can’t stand audio books. I just can’t get into the story and most of the time I fall asleep trying to listen to them. However, that’s not why I never made any audio books. Quite simply, it comes down to production costs. Audio books are like crazy expensive. I was once given a quote of $600 dollars to make an audio book for To Kill A Siren. Obviously, when you sell books for as cheap as I do, chances are you won’t be able to make your investment back…and $600 dollars is a lot of money to come up with on top of other production costs. (My cover designer and my editor both like to eat, too!)
But wait! What’s this? Google has rolled out a beta program for their AI to narrate books? Say wut?

I was a bit skeptical at first because I have tried a LOT Of AI software that claims to sound “natural” and you know what? The voice still sounds like a robot. Yet, while the AI isn’t perfect, it is very next gen sounding. To date I have converted 4 of my books into audio formats. You can get them at the Google Play store. Even if you have an iPhone, you can purchase audio books from Google with the Google Play Books for iOS app.

I know the system doesn’t say every single word correctly, especially when it comes to my made up words, but the recording was decent enough I decided to release it out to the wild.

Currently you can get The Price of Magic and all three of my Monster Hunter Tales books in an audio format. I’m not sure I can get my fantasy series, The Daughter of Ares Chronicles, to read well with the AI…lots and lots of made up words there. I might try the Contessa of Rebellion next. Click on the Google link in any of these books2read links:


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