The Dragon’s Treasure & Murder In Loft 36:

I’ve tried to write several short stories this year for various anthologies. Unfortunately, both of my attempts have jumped to over 10K words in a matter of minutes!

The first story I failed at making short ended up as a new story in my Flavors of Fantasy book. Which you can get for FREE when you sign up for my newsletter!

The second story I tried to write has grown to over 25K words and I’m not even done writing out the entire story yet. So, I held my breath and took the plunge into Kindle Vella about two weeks ago. I was actually terrified to start this, but I’ve received several positive responses.

Right now, there are six episodes available with a new one posting each Sunday. The first three episodes are free to read and even reading those will help me!

Unfortunately, this format is only available to US readers at this point. However, after 30 days of the Vella being finished, I can release the story as a book.

I really enjoy putting up the Vella stories; so, I might start putting out some new books this way to gauge interest in a story.

Kindle Vella, only in the US at this point. Read on your phone or computer!

And if you weren’t aware, I have a full-length novel dropping on 7/1/23! You can pre-order now at for all platforms.

Murder in Loft 36: A Tempest Danvers Supernatural Tale is, in a word, surprising. In a book filled with twists and unseen turns, author Shannon McRoberts takes us from “What if Jessica Fletcher was the Ghost Whisperer?” and throws us headlong into a web of fairy espionage and betrayal, rife with cursed bloodlines, tyrannical leaders, and yes, even a romance. There is a lot to uncover in this novel—easily enough that with some extra fluff it could be a couple books—but McRoberts weaves it snugly between two covers.

D. Gabrielle Jensen
Author of the Fia Drake Soul Hunter series
Releasing July 1, 2023! Pre-order available now.

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