I *am* a “geek” and you can kiss my flak cannon if you say otherwise!

I *am* a “geek” and you can kiss my flak cannon if you say otherwise!

I know I am probably a day late and a dollar short to this squabble, but since I apparently live in a bubble I am just now seeing this video.  I grabbed my D20 and gave it a roll. I got a critical; so, I figured now would be a good time to add my two cents.  After I read several articles on the video, I just had to Google what a “fake geek girl” was.  I was just a tad bit on the PO’d side when I was done.  Luckily for me, I have not had to deal with the phenomenon a whole lot because the gaming crowds I always ran in welcomed girls…they were excited to see GIRLS in some of these events.   The only place I had problems in ever was World of Warcraft where some people claimed I could not possibly be a girl and continued to harass me.  (Yeah I got them banned for a little while) Other than that, I have been a happy gamer/comic book reader for a long time.

Since it’s 3:13 am and I had to rebuild my blog before going to bed….I’ll just be blunt.  WTF?  Apparently this all started when Tony Harris said some not so nice things on his Facebook about how girls essentially know nothing about comics and they just pose for attention in cosplay.   Uh…..let’s just say I went through my comic book collection to make sure that I 1) never bought any comics this jerk face worked on and 2) made sure my current subscriptions didn’t have anything to do with him.

Something else that bothered me about this whole situation…there are others that agree with him.  I missed the memo that said you had to breathe, eat, and sleep comic books to enjoy D&D, MMORPGs, Magic, etc.  That you had to be OBSESSED about something and know EVERYTHING to be considered a “non-poser”.  Well, listen up female geek haters…everybody has to grow up and if you live in the real world you don’t often get to spend 40+ hours a week brushing up on everything that is “geek”.  That doesn’t mean that I enjoy my games/comics/sci-fi movies/fantasy books any less…it just means I may not be there when the comic shop opens.  After I had my first child, my life drastically changed.  I suddenly had to work more hours and play less.  It  is only now that she is nearing school age that I have had the time to return to my comics and sometimes games.  Maybe that is why I picked up on this video and thoughts so quick…because I have just recently returned to my comic shop.  By a lot of these definitions I would be a “poser”.  However, I have probably logged more hours in games and comics than some of these “official geeks” have.

My final thoughts?  It shouldn’t matter what degree someone likes something.  Everyone was a newbie to something at one point.  You can choose to be a fanatic or a casual…but in the end you still enjoy the same things…so how is that fake?  Stop taking all the fun out of the comic and gaming world.  The whole point of it in the first place was to escape from reality….so why would you want to deny anyone else their right to enjoy what you enjoy?


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