My Review of Grammarly

The nice people at Grammarly provided me with a one month trial of their premium program for me to test drive. In addition to this, they offered me three free premium trials to the first three people that commented on this post! All I have to do it send your email and name to my contact. So, if you are interested go ahead and comment 🙂

I used Grammarly on several projects, and while the online features are nice I preferred to use the Word plugin. I like to see the changes in my document on my computer and just found the plug in more helpful for my tastes, but the online version works just the same from what I could tell.

For the most part, Grammarly and Word picked up on some of the same items for correction; however, Grammarly did one valuable thing that Word could not–it suggested better word choices (vocabulary use). This feature was definitely a handy ability to have. I also enjoyed the plagiarism check feature. That would be especially helpful for student papers IMO.

I also checked out the free Chrome plugin, Grammarly Lite. I prefer to be on the web with Chrome because it offers things like spell check. Grammarly Lite just gives it a little boost. In fact, I am using the plugin right now!

The only negative point I can point out is the price because it is a little steep compared to the competition that I have researched. I do wish they would offer a standalone plugin for around 50 bucks that you could “upgrade” each year if you wanted. I really did like the features Grammarly had to offer, but given that it cannot completely replace an editor an Indie like me living on a shoestring budget may not always be able to afford the subscription fee.

(Disclaimer-I am not responsible for the “free” offer.  I am merely forwarding the email addresses to the contact I have at Grammarly.  I received a free trial for an honest opinion.  The choice to blog about the program was mine to make)


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