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I recently went and got a spiffy new theme from the folks at, but I was having a problem getting the sections to query in the order I desired.  I tried changing the dates and all that junk.  Deleted stuff.  Pulled out my hair.  Went to bed mad.  Then I found a post about a cool plug in recommended by the help gurus over at Themify.  It’s called Post Types Order by NSP Code.  They also have a bunch of other cool free plug ins for those of us that like order amongst the chaos!  So, if you are having order issues and you are secretly just “settling” for whatever order you can tame out of your WP site try visiting NSP CODE  and checking out the post-type order  plug in…in about 6 seconds I had all that stuff that bothered me fixed.

For instance, if you visit and check out the “characters” link you will see my “team” of characters.  I have having a hard time getting them in the correct order.  So, I settled.  Nobody knew it wasn’t the order I wanted.  They just saw the pretty pretty.  However, with that fancy plug in, I was able to take my “team” section and reorder it the way I wanted.  DRAG AND DROP STYLE!  Nothing easier.  Seriously.  Go check it out!


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  1. Your site is beautifully put together Shannon.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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