New Book Page Live! (#fantasy #athine #asmsg)

New Book Page Live! (#fantasy #athine #asmsg)

After much tweaking, but no twerking, I have finally decided to make my new book “hub” live.  You remember this page?  Well, I’ve been wanting to redo it for sometime.  I had a lot of ideas and some great ambition, but I never could find what I wanted. Then I found the format I wanted to use.  It was new and different.  It has lots of bells and whistles.  Granted, as of right now, it doesn’t have everything I intend to put on it available; however, the brunt of the foundation is there.  So, without further delay is open for browsing and is now directed over there.

I hope this gives my fans a nice landing page for all of my fiction books.  I decided that all my #fantasy and #sci-fi books will “live” here instead of having multiple pages.  That is why I got the domain My Epic Lore b/c that’s what it is….my epic lore for my universe 🙂  The title “The N’Loron Universe” is also from the series.  Most of my books will take place in the universe connected with the N’Loron.  If you have read Verses of Athine, you will know this is what her people call the “veil” she has to protect.  Yet, I am taking it one step further and making my “expanded universe” called The N’Loron too.

So, what can one expect over here?  Right now I have some character renders by yours truly, book links, a brief FAQ, links to my book videos, and some character information.  All of it available right there at your finger tips on the super sparkly “scrolly” design.  Eventually I plan to have more information like genealogy of characters, wallpapers, and other cool things.  Basically stuff that people have asked to see on my sites.  Have a suggestion?  Drop me a line!

Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂



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