All Good Things Must Come To An End

For a little more than a year now I have had Athine Verses:  The Beginning out as a free standalone title.   I have enjoyed being in the top 20 of the “Freebies” for several categories over at Amazon for the last several months.  I notice that many times I have spikes of 40 to 50 downloads in a day.  However, the freebie promotion has never worked for me like I intended.   In one year ,I have had only a handful of people come to review the book anywhere including GoodReads.  The ones I have read were amazing.  However, after all these downloads I only have two new reviews on Amazon itself.  I do see an occasional sale of my other books from time to time, but nothing like those that I read about.  It is time to face the facts.  It just isn’t working the way I had hoped and I have enough results to make a decision.

The great thing about moving away from KDP Select last year was the ability to control the prices of my books.  It was a great feeling being able to give away a copy of my book 24 hours a day.  However, after doing some research, soul searching, and attending live events I have kind of decided that FREE might not be as good as PAY SOMETHING FOR ME.  I have noticed that some people are very hesitant to pick up “free” items.  While others are like “free” stuff should be taken, used, and abused.  So, with a new marketing direction Athine Verses:  The Beginning is going to be .99 cents in the next few days.  I don’t want to cause mass confusion nor do I want to completely remove the book, so I am giving my readers a heads up.

The book has merit for true fantasy lovers.   I think it deserves to have a price next to it.

I will also still have two books for free up through Smashwords.  They are very short little reads that tie into the larger books.  They will remain free and with some luck I might have some more of those in me to write 🙂


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