To Free A Djinn:  Live 10/1/20

To Free A Djinn: Live 10/1/20

To Free A Djinn

I know I’ve been quiet these last several months. I was in your face almost every day somewhere up until about April. And then radio silence.

Truth is part of me was tired. I had been promoting different books since September of 2019. Did you realize I was in not one, not two, but THREE anthologies that went live in October of last year? Two of those anthologies had major goals: Amazon #1 Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller. I’m happy to say, in case you missed it, all those goals were accomplished.

I was running out of gas even before I went dark, but the timely placement of the US leg of the Pandemic REALLY was the straw that broke the camel’s back. My life was thrown into its own chaos. Change is good, but too much change at once can be tiresome. Suddenly I found myself working from home and scrambling how to balance stay at home child and mother. Through all of this, I felt my creativity slowly receding.

About the time my creativity started to feel somewhat budding again, more chaos, turmoil, and changes came about across the US. I had started watching the news again, after a two year break, but I had to stop again because I was absorbing all those emotions I watched. Being an empath is exhausting and when that part of me goes tilt, I stop being creative.

Of course, when you stop being creative what do you do? If you are me you binge Netflix, read books, play video games and self loath that you AREN’T making art. Hum, that sounded awfully familiar. Like the previous black hole in my creative resume.

I’m still not out of the woods yet, BUT I’m trying…and last weekend I got OFF MY BUTT and ran through the final final final final edits for Djinn. I intended to spend an hour and then move on to something else, but I spent ALL DAY getting the book ready for launch and uploading things.

It’s available now for pre-order if you want or just pick up a copy on 10/1!

Don’t have this now completed trilogy? Check this out:


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