Help Me Reach The Brass Ring!

Help Me Reach The Brass Ring!

I often refer to goals as “brass rings”. It’s a phrase I learned a long time ago from my grandfather. Back in the dark ages, when he was a kid, carousels were still a big thing…especially here in Tinyville USA….and riders could enjoy a free ride if they grabbed a brass ring during the ride. Apparently it was no easy feat. Thus, major goals are often said to be “brass rings”.

I don’t pretend to be the best at everything I do, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t put my heart into everything I try. This week, I broke out my video creation software. I even got brave and posted it to my YouTube channel. (What, you didn’t realize I had one of those too?)

It’s pretty fun when you look at all the things I make and see my style showing through no matter what the medium is. I know it’s not the most epic thing you’ve ever watched, but this is only the third video I’ve made with this program. I didn’t make the thumbnail, a set mate made that for our promo images, but I thought it looked so awesome I just needed to use it.

The Price of Magic is my contribution to the anthology. I am pretty sure for the last several years you all have heard about this book. I’ve been working on it forever, but I never released it. I’d like to think it was all kismet because I feel the stars aligned with this opportunity. In the past, I’ve always been terrified of boxed sets. It’s a big time and money commitment, not to mention you have to also write, ya know a book! Also, as an author, I tend to not write what’s “hot”. I love to write what strikes my fancy instead. It’s not the best business model, but following my heart frees my creativity. So, the fact that I had the money to try this AND had a book fitting the open call sang to me like a siren song. This brings us to now, where we are a few weeks from launching, and I can’t wait for people to read The Price of Magic.

Anyway, on to how you can help me: I need help grabbing a brass ring of my own! If you have $0.99 you can pre-order a copy of Darkness Rising so I can have the sales I need to be on the USA Today Best Seller list! In addition to getting the 20+ books in the anthology, there are a TON of freebies available if you pre-order. I’ll link to all our awesome opportunities.

This is the UBL that will allow you to purchase DR on all the platforms.

Once you’ve pre-ordered be sure to claim your freebies. Everyone gets 12 free books from the authors. However, if you buy on multiple platforms there are other freebies you can snag. And yes you CAN buy the book on multiple platforms to gather ALL THE STUFF!!!

Special limited time offer. Pre-order on one of the platforms, Apple or Nook, and get an advanced copy of Medusa. Order a second copy to unlock Hecate. See form below for full details!

I hope you will consider purchasing a copy of Darkness Rising to help me snag this brass ring. Getting my letters would help me in my author career and motivate me to bring you more books! Thank you in advance.


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