Ground Floor Of Awesome? Yes Please! #comic #indie

Many moons ago I was privileged to work at an upstart comic book company.  It was cutting edge, it was exciting, it was all online, I wore many hats, and well it just didn’t happen.   (insert crying noises here)  Some nights I look back and wonder the greatest phrase ever….what if….but things happen for a reason.   If that had taken off, would I have ever created the best universe ever?  Probably not!

Flash forward to just a few weeks ago.  I was sitting at my local Kentucky Creators day where I was able to meet a few people from Big Bad Comix.  Of course, they had a preview of the comic Ethos, which I immediately was like oh Greek stuff.  Gimme.  They also had a really cool picture of something called Reclamation.  I was like look a bad ass chick with wings.  Hum.  She looks cool.  Although I didn’t have a lot of time to investigate while I was trying to huck my books, I have since done some stalking research on the online pages.   Turns out they have a whole fundraiser to try to get Reclamation off the ground.   What better way to get into the ground floor than to help fund them?  I mean look at the epic project trailer they have.   These days comics are mass-produced and aren’t worth much.  Can you imagine how much this comic could be worth in the future especially if it was signed?  (This comes from a girl who laughed at her friend that was looking to invest in a thing called Google back when it was pennies on the dollar.  WTH would you invest in a search engine.  What will THEY ever do.  That’s a waste of a stock.  SMH.)

As you all may remember, I am a graphics snob.  I had a very hard time playing WOW because it wasn’t pretty enough.  I will not touch Minecraft or whatever that annoying game is because of that same snobbery.  I also used to hate comics in the 80’s because I didn’t like the coloring or the pictures.  I wouldn’t promote something that was ugly or boring.  I can tell you now this is interesting and visually just pretty.  I have seen some of the pencil and ink work on the comic in person and it’s freaking awesome.  It rivals many of the comics I buy.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go show the Reclamation gang some love.  Ways you can support the project:

1) Go like their Facebook page :

2) Go give them 10 bucks:

3) Go to the kindle store and buy the digital issue:

4) Tell your friends, spread this post around, get the word out!

5)  Buy my book.  OK OK.  That won’t help them, but it will help me buy stuff from them.  It’s like the circle of indie publisher life 🙂

Seriously….the clock is ticking.  DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!


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