Ground Floor of Awesome Part II, It’s Greek To Me #comic #indie #mythology

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called Ground Floor Of Awesome?  Yes Please! where I told you all about a great upstart comic company and the Reclamation Campaign.  I was glad to support that book because it is a cool idea and the art is looking really awesome.  They did not reach their full campaign goal, but with a lot of help they did get a good deal of money raised to get the ball rolling.  Hopefully I will have issue #1 in my hands soon 🙂

However, today I am wanting to bring attention to another comic book that has a campaign going.  I like this one even better.  Why?  Well, number 1 would be that I own the 0 issue and it’s signed.  Number 2 would be that Matt Walker is a pretty cool dude.   Number 3….MYTHOLOGY!!!  This book is doing what I do in Verses of Athine, but in a comic all its own.   I mean did you watch the awesome promotional video.  Doesn’t that make you want to buy the 0 issue right now?!!!  (Pssst, you can do that over here in the Amazon store and if you have PRIME it’s free to borrow!)

In the very least, the video should make you want to give $5 bucks to this campaign.  That’s right people, get on the ground floor of awesome for only $5 bucks.  For less than the price of a greasy cheeseburger meal, you can help this fledgling comic take shape and soar on to shelves where it belongs!  Or, you could give them MORE money and get some other cool things.  I bet some of you have always dreamed of being a comic book character.  You can be a major part of Ethos in more ways than one if you choose the Omega Perk.   Yup, that’s right, they have a perk for that.

This campaign has a Perk level for just about every budget.  For only $10 bucks you can get a thank you AND a print!  What other campaign offers you artwork for only a $10 dollar donation?  Come on, I know you want to help make this comic series take off and you can for just a few dollars.

Look, I’ve embedded a link too….isn’t it pretty?  Do you want to know what the bauble is in that picture?  Read the 0 issue and find out then go donate to the campaign so we can see what kind of consequences the shiny bauble may have caused for the world of Ethos!!!


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