Fish: They Are Not Just For Dinner Anymore! #bettas

I never realized how much fun fish could be.  Sure, like many apartment dwelling children, I had pet goldfish for awhile.  Like a week or so because they died.  Sure, when I go to the chinese buffet I like to feed the koi.  Yes, I liked feeding the koi at my friend’s house too.  However, up until about a week ago I wasn’t that big on fish unless we were talking about a McD’s filet-o-fish!



Rainbow Fish


UK Fish

Meet Rainbow Fish.  He is a male delta tail betta.  I rescued him from his tiny tub last Friday.  This picture is when I first got him home and had him soaking in the tank.  Rainbow Fish didn’t really do much after I got him into his tank.  I think it was because he was lonely.  He sat in a room with little to no activity and the tank was about a 1 gallon tank.  He would swim up and stare at me when I would sit at my computer, but he was kind of sad looking.  I couldn’t even get him to “puff up” with a mirror.  I decided he should have a bigger tank after reading some information about bettas.  I just didn’t know what kind of tank I wanted to get.  I had to make another trip back to the pet store to pick up some more supplies for my husband’s new tank he was cycling.  As I was shopping I found a tank I liked and thought Rainbow Fish might enjoy.  Yet, I didn’t want to pay $60.00 for an iddy biddy tank.  I browsed around the store and stopped to look at more bettas.  That is when I saw UK fish.  He was not there a few days ago!  He was a half moon tail betta in a royal blue/white/black pattern.  I could not resist.  I kept going back and looking at him.  He was buzzing around his little tub.  My husband ended up getting me the larger tank with the divider (made for bettas to live side by side).

It took while for me to get the tank set up.  I was glad to see it had a filter, but at the same time the filter gets in the way.  This tank is 2.5 gallons total and stays much cleaner with the glass beads.   I successfully acclimated UK Fish and Rainbow Fish to their new home.  Rainbow Fish is so much more active now.  After just a few days both of them had formed bubble beds on their side of the tank, which I read was a sign of a health and happy little betta.

UK Fish is smart and laid back.   He will interact with me.  Rainbow Fish acknowledges me, but he’s usually too busy swimming or puffing up at UK Fish and trying to be all alpha male fish LOL.  However, I was glad to see Rainbow Fish perked up in the new tank.  Of course, UK Fish is learning that when I come food is often at hand, but Rainbow Fish is just too busy being puffy sometimes.  I like to watch them eat.  I know bettas can be aggressive little guys, but UK Fish is just so laid back.  He is also somewhat bigger than Rainbow Fish.  I feed them betta pellets, but I admit nobody will tell me how much to feed them.  The pet store said 2 pellets twice a day.  The package says whatever they can eat in 1 minute.  Sometimes I find UK Fish and Rainbow Fish are extra hungry and will come stare at me after each pellet.  Other times they are like I don’t want that thanks.

Anyone else have bettas that they love?  How much and what do you feed your bettas?  I’d love to hear from any fans that have them and know more about them.  Who would have thought I could have fun playing with fish?




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