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Cursed Bloods Paper Book Mock 2 Subtle

Cursed Bloods Paper Cover

 I can finally say that I am done with the edits to Cursed Bloods.  My wonderful editor took a spin at it.  Then I had ProWriting Aid take a look at it.  Then I printed it all out and did a paper/pen read through.  Then I went through and found over-used words (to me) and changed them up a bit.  I also, had an author friend read the beta PDF and incorporated some of his suggestions.  Now, I have some of my most trusted author friends with an ARC of what I hope is the final copy.  I am at the point where I am tired of looking at it.  That’s the point where you stop editing and hand it over to others for comments.  I hope to have their comments collected and the book formatted so I can do a pre-order soon!  I am hoping the price will be about $2.99 US for an eBook.

Word Art made from REAL words found in my upcoming book!

Word Art made from REAL words found in my upcoming book!

Next up, now that I am finally done with the edits and such for Cursed Bloods I can focus on the COMIC!  I swear I started on issue #1.  I didn’t forget you….I just got distracted.  Comic books and adapting the story is new for me.  I am a little slow at it.  I cannot yet think in panels.  You would think turning a 97K novel into a comic book adaptation when you wrote the book and can see the scenes in your head would be easy.  But NOOOO.  It’s painstakingly slow.  I also have considered working with an actual company that produces comics to maybe help me with a different project.  Remember when I promised you back stories?  I started writing The Miranda Project, but I may take it down the comic route instead of the book route.

Picture from Athine:  #1

Picture from Athine: #1



I also had a really great time at the Gathering of Authors.   I was hoping to have some better pictures from the event, but all I have is the picture of me that I took with my cell phone.  And this picture of a sandwich.  The best thing about this event is that people were excited to see fantasy books.  I sold several copies just because of what I told them about the book.  “If Buffy met Xena and they fell into the Lord of the Rings” was a big hit LOL.

Now, back to creating!  I have an idea for a character render.  And yes, once Cursed Bloods is out, I will put up lots more information on who those mysterious people on my website are!




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