Cursed Bloods: Excerpt

Remember when I told you all that I would post a scene from the book and a picture?  I didn’t forget.  Nope, I have just been deathly ill for the last three weeks 🙁  Welcome Fall….my child brought home croup!  However, without further delay here is the promised post.  Enjoy.  Remember Cursed Bloods  is available for pre-order for only $2.99 and is a full length novel that follows Verses of Athine!  




Harmonia entered the Kisaka grotto as she had a thousand times before.  She began to meditate and was promptly freed from her flesh.  The spirit of Harmonia entered the waters of the Kisaka in search of Asryni.  Her sprit swirled around and around until she pinpointed the final resting place of the dragon queen.  She pushed forward, through the blackness and found Asryni sitting under a decaying tree outside the entrance to the Elmonon.  It appeared that she was barred from entering the sacred grotto of the dragon kin.  She sat with her head lowered.  Her red hair spilled over her horns as giant wings jutted out of her back.  She looked like she was forever stuck between her humanoid form and her battle dragon form.  As Harmonia approached, she lifted her head.  Hollow black eyes met the spirit eyes of Harmonia.

She breathed in a large breath.  “Your blood is tainted with that of the line of the immortal born.  You will never gain entrance into the Elmonon.  Even I am unable to enter and I am their queen.”

“Asryni, I am not here to enter the Elmonon.  I am here to bring you back to the land of the living.”

Asryni looked at her with those wild, hollow eyes.  Her beauty marred by eternal unrest and damnation.  She laughed.  “You are a very funny spirit.  Although, I do sense that you have Shutharja blood in you, I doubt you have enough magic in your state to bring me back.  Cronus himself damned me here when he killed me with dishonor.”

“You need not worry about my magic.  I am a powerful Und-vor.  Ythofra herself has requested I come here and bring you back.”

“Why doesn’t she come for me herself then?”

“She has no rule here in Nenithus, but I and my sister do.”

The creature laughed again.  “A pair of women have rule over Nenithus? I doubt Cronus would allow that.  Go away little spirit.  I am tired and would like to rest.”

Harmonia began to speak in an inaudible chant.  She held out a small container as she circled around Asryni.  She could stay there and argue for a century and Asryni would not believe that she could bring her back.  Instead, she performed the ritual and pulled the essence of Asryni into her magic container.  The consent of the spirit Asryni was not needed for she was an Und-vor.  When she was done, she began her long travel through the spirit realms with her cargo.


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