I’m Deleting All My Books

I’m Deleting All My Books

Does that title scare you?  I don’t think it should, but I *am* deleting all my books…in a way.  I recently signed up for one of those “free” author “make money now” tutorial things that another author recommended.  It was free, but all it really turned out to be was another sales pitch.  They said they didn’t want to be sleazy, but well I unsubscribed after they wanted a $600 dollar investment in my “future”.

This turned into a rabbit hole because they did show me one tip that I thought was interesting.  Which lead me to re-editing a freebie book I had out there, making a new cover, and editing it a little more.  Then, I had to format it.   I hate formatting.  I uploaded my book and wandered around a bit.  I landed back at Draft2Digital and got really excited about the formatting options.  Previously, I hand did everything and uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.  I used Smashwords for iBooks and Kobo.  Yet, this time I really looked into what Draft2Digital was doing.  They have improved even more since I last used them…and the templates they have are amazing considering they are free.

When I started getting excited and sharing with others that may not have heard or used D2D I was shown another site:  Pronoun.  You can check out my site here on their service.  https://books.pronoun.com/shannonmcroberts/   Now, I cannot stop thinking about Pronoun.  They don’t take any fees, it’s all free, they give you that author site, it’s very easy to use and they ship to GOOGLE PLAY.  Oh, and you can make your books FREE from DAY ONE on AMAZON.  In fact, it’s a requirement that you publish to or already be published at Amazon.   Pronoun also sends you e-mails an analysis on your books on Amazon.  It helps you with keywords and other pretty nifty things.  You can keep your .MOBI and .EPUB files to use as you please.  Formatting is pretty much simple.   They even claim they can help your sales rank.

They only pay you by PayPal, but I don’t have a problem with that.  Apparently, some big 5 publisher bought the company, but I’ve read numerous interviews and it doesn’t seem to be “scammy”.   I can’t find a flaw and I know at least one author that uses the company.

End result?  I’m re-formatting my e-books to put them up on all the platforms through Pronoun.

I will still use Draft2Digital b/c it has some other channels this one doesn’t and it gives you the PDF for printing, but I’m trying to get all my eBooks put out to ALL the channels through Pronoun.

This means I will have to reformat, upload, and then deactivate ALL my books at Amazon and Smashwords.  Which I probably won’t be using Smashwords anymore anyway.

There will be some transitional pains and I will have to fix my website links, but I think this is a good move for me because things will be under one roof and I can format one book for both D2D and Pronoun.


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  1. Hmm. Keep us posted. I’m interested to hear more about your experience with Pronoun. Good luck!

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