Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!  My website is back up and working pretty great.  I switched hosting providers and I cannot be happier.  I moved over to Arch Hosting last weekend.  Actually, the tech people at Arch moved me…for free.  I found lifetime hosting with them over at Greedeals.

At first, I was skeptical.  Looked too nice like Pronoun did 🙁  I bit the bullet after some reviewing though and bought two of the business packages.  It was easy to link them both under one account.  Just make your account, select the correct package, and enter the coupon code at the end for the invoice to click over to 100% free.  Stay logged in and “buy” another package and insert your other coupon code.   I did have some trouble with the coupon codes showing at Greedeals, so they worked with me to get my account going.  Once I got the coupon code I sent it to them.

At my old provider, which was OK, it was a shared hosting account and the servers crashed a lot.  I finally got them to move me to a new server after months of complaining and trying to get them to understand the JetPack monitors the actual site; I even had to download one of those free upsite things to prove to them it was their service that was crashing.  That was in 2014 and after the move things started working a bit better.  However, over the last three months, Jetpack told me that my site had been unreachable numerous times for 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  *Sigh*  That is how it started last time.  Comparing to my old host provider, the help and support section at Arch is like talking to someone that knows about websites VS talking to someone that doesn’t understand anything about websites or the services they sell.  Sure, I gave up “unlimited” storage and “unlimited” bandwidth, but I don’t think I really need that for 200 dollars a year especially when their service wasn’t very helpful.  With the business plan at Arch Hosting, I get a lot of space and a lot of bandwidth.  Oh, and they are based in the US.

PS-If you buy your deal at Greedeals and then sign up using the link above I’m supposed to get some money.  Money helps me pay for things.  Of course, at least now one of those things IS NOT hosting fees every year.  I even transferred my domains to them and I got a free year of registration!


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