The 6th Turn: Kat: Turns of the Shadow Tech Goddess

The 6th Turn: Kat (Full version): Turns of the Shadow tech Goddess (League of Elder)The 6th Turn: Kat (Full version): Turns of the Shadow tech Goddess by Ren Garcia
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In yet another astounding trip to an alternative universe we meet a different version of Lord Belmont. One where he is sad and a mere shadow of himself. Once again A-Ram and Alesta must save the day before the universe is ended. The book is full of interesting mysteries and gripping action. Who is the woman with the purple visor? Is SHE the Shadow Tech Goddess? Who is the Woman with a Gun? And what’s up with all those weird re-animated body parts? You’ll just have to read Kat to figure it all out.

Although this book is part of a series, I haven’t read the books in any proper order. It in no way handicaps the reader to jump around. I read this book after reading Stenibelle. Currently I am reading The Shadow Tech Goddess, which I probably should have read first, but I did not. The author does a good job of giving you enough info to follow along without being one of those that repeats the previous book for an entire chapter.

I do wish I could read more about Kat. I think she has a lot of adventures she and Lord Belmont could go on!

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