I Broke Up With Zazzle

I Broke Up With Zazzle

This morning I woke up to a change in the TOS for Zazzle. That was the marketplace I used to sell my Wicca Inspiration Cards and poetry shirts. I did OK there, but it wasn’t really paying off for the effort their slow arse website and panel provided.

All of a sudden Zazzle has decided to charge vendors a “non-productive fee” no matter how much you sell. If you didn’t refer someone to the purchase or make something new each month they were going to levy a tax on your wages. Now, if I all I had to do to avoid this fee was to make something new each month, I might have been able to do so. However, the example was that if as of say January 31 you were deemed “non-productive” and then you made something on February 1, it wouldn’t count. They would still charge you with being “non-contributory”.

Uh. No. And the fee? $2.00! They said they wouldn’t charge your credit card, but it would erode the earnings until you paid for it. The base price for items in their store front is RIDICULOUS. In all the years I have had items there, I made about 20 bucks before their fees. I sell cards every year, but make even less on them than I do the eBooks.

I have sent the e-mail today requesting closure and payment. They pay through Pay-Pal, but they are still in the dark ages. Because I don’t have $50.00 in my account, I have to pay them a “processing fee”. Dude, I get 0.08 deposits from Draft2Digital all the time. I don’t get charged for that and Pay Pal takes no fees from it either.

I’ve also removed all the links I can find to Zazzle for now. I will be spending my precious creative time looking for a new venue to sell and manufacture in the very least my cards.

Art prints can be purchased on my Deviant page and also you can buy the art books at Blurb!


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