Supercharge Your Instagram Bio Link!

Supercharge Your Instagram Bio Link!

As you’ve already noticed in your Instagram bio, the platform only allows one link to an outside source, and it’s natural to feel compelled to link to your website to drive traffic to your business and hopefully make those sales. But of course there are a bunch of places you’d like to funnel your audience to have them learn more about your biz and connect with you, and that is where the beauty of Shorby comes in!

What is Shorby
Shorby is a free site that connects to your Instagram account and allows for multiple links to be listed via that ONE link in your Instagram bio. Is that genius or what?!? If you click on our link in our Instagram bio, you’ll be taken to this page with the links we have featured via Shorby:

Why You Want to Use It
Think about the possibilities! As a direct seller or small business owner, you will be able to direct your audience to not only your website, but your Facebook business page, your VIP customer group, your blog, other social media accounts that you use for your biz, it’s even great for linking to your newsletter, to your Flash Sale Event, or YouTube videos – basically ANY link you want!

How to Add Links
It’s super easy to add your links to Shorby! Simply click on + ADD LINK and then you can add a Description and your url link and that’s it!

You have the option of turning links that you want to have active (featured) on and off with the slider bar or actually scheduling them with the clock icon to appear and disappear at the times you choose. You can also check how many times your link has been clicked on and you can delete links you no longer want to use. They also give you the option of branding your page with a various different color choices which is an added bonus!


I use Shorby on all my social media platforms b/c it makes sending out my links easier.  Want to send me a Facebook Messenger Message?  Telegram message?  Quickly find my other social media handles?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my website; however, the ease of showcasing things with my Shorby link is second to none.  It’s like my very own digital business card.

What are you waiting for?  Check it out HERE


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