Techy Talk:  Productivity Helpers

Techy Talk: Productivity Helpers

In a world where most authors are also working a 40 hour work week to pay the bills, finding time to work on your books, your author platform, and your laundry can be a challenge.  So, what can you do?  Enter productivity helpers!  Each week I will share something I have found to help me get all the words and save time! 

After I get home from work, I find I don’t often have enough time to turn on my desktop computer and write.  Even though there are 6 hours between when I arrive home and go to bed, it’s often gobbled up by making dinner, eating dinner, family time, and next day prep.  Some nights, I am fortunate and we have a quick meal.  Less cooking equals more time to write!

Most nights, though, I am occupied until bed-time.  That doesn’t mean my inner muse is quiet and complacent.  (She hates folding laundry as much as I do) My muse demands to stretch her creative fingers at least once a day.  My answer to that?  Getting tools to help me maximize my time. 

My first productivity helper is a Logitech K375s Wireless Keyboard.  The keyboard comes with a bonus stand for my phone plus it can pair up to 3 different Bluetooth peripherals.  That makes it easy to switch from my phone to my iPad with the push of a button.    

Helpful features? 

                1. Full-Sized Keyboard, Full Sized Typing & Speed

                2. Lightweight for traveling

                3. No cords

                4. Unlocks my phone’s potential as a miniature computer  

What do I do with it to maximize time?

                1. Allows me to type in the kitchen while I cook

                2. Allows me to type when I am on my lunch break at my day job

                3. Once it is set up, it’s ready to connect to my peripherals in a few seconds

What are the limitations?

                1. Full sized-keyboard can be cumbersome to pack

                2. It isn’t rechargeable and runs on batteries

                3. I tend to forget it sometimes b/c of the size

Here is a link to where I purchased mine.


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