A Review of Done for You Social Media:  Is it worth the price of admission?

A Review of Done for You Social Media: Is it worth the price of admission?

I admit, I’m not generally a fan of “social media calendars”. You know why? Because I tried a bunch of them, from free to paid, and they were all kind of generic. Like you didn’t get 365 days of what you should post…you just got some recycled tips.

Naturally, when I saw an ad for a “Done For You Social Media Calendar” complete with templates using Canva, I was a bit skeptical. At first, it didn’t matter to me someone I trusted put this package together. I figured it would be just another flop. However, the price point was less than I had invested before on such an item; so, I bit the bullet and purchased the tool.

The thing about this calendar is it isn’t just a calendar. It’s a crash course in using Canva, how you should be posting to your social media, ready to edit templates, AND a content calendar. I mean when it says it’s done for you….it mostly is.

Of course, I purchased this sometime in the fall of 2020 and promptly shoved it into a storage folder. I watched the training on Canva, not expecting much because I actually used to hate Canva. The website would never behave and the graphics were never the right size. Plus, y’all know I have 75 programs to make graphics in already….thus I couldn’t see myself buying the Pro subscription. I was wrong. Way wrong.

The amount of time I save by using Canva to make my branded posts is crazy. In a world where every keystroke adds up to wasted minutes, I now no longer have to manually type in my hex codes. I click a button and the program just cycles through the colors. My fonts? Uploaded and saved. Did I mention you can make templates? Plus, the stock photography that comes with the Pro version of Canva is actually pretty awesome.

I decided to start my new posting schedule on 12/27/2020. I wish the stats where more customizable, as I needed to exclude a certain 12 days of Christmas week, but overall I’m happy with the gains on my IG.

Compared to how I used to post, which was on a regular basis, I am now getting more reach, interactions, and more followers.

Using the social media calendar really helps me come up with ideas. I’ve deviated a few times from the suggestions to fit my own brand, which is one of the great things about a tool like this. If you want something that will help you generate ideas on what to post…this is a really good place to start. Also, if you are really clueless this is a great place to start. This calendar is actually geared towards authors and comes with everything you need to start making great content and interacting.

If you think this may be useful to you, please check out my affiliate link for the course Done For Your Social Media!


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  1. If you think that’s great, you should see missinglettr! … I’m like you and have tried a bunch of those sharing services, thanks for the tips!

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