Techy Talk: Productivity Helpers 4 (One Note)

In a world where most authors are also working a 40 hour work week to pay the bills, finding time to work on your books, your author platform, and your laundry can be a challenge.  So, what can you do?  Enter productivity helpers!  Each week I will share something I have found to help me get all the words! 

Over the last few weeks I have talked about some of the hardware and software I use to stay productive. Most all of those things have been paid items. Today, I’d like to point out a powerful tool you can download for free. One Note.

The reason I think One Note is so great is because it’s a never-ending virtual notebook that can sync across all of your devices. Who wants to lug around a bunch of paper notebooks? Not I!

I’ve used MANY virtual “notebook” programs and I like One Note the best because of the level of detail you can obtain. You can have a good number of “notebooks” and inside each one of those a great number of “sections” with each “section” having a whole bunch of “pages”. It’s a compartmentalizer’s dream!

There isn’t much more to explain about One Note. I don’t really do much more than make notebooks with sections and pages. I then move the tabs around to organize the individual notebooks in the order I want. And that my friends is how I juggle 15+ WIP!

Think of One Note as a tabbed planner or notebook, but virtual. Bonus? Your cat can’t spill anything on these pages to make the ink run off!


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