Sojourner Truth:  The Tireless Orator

Sojourner Truth: The Tireless Orator

Sojourner Truth is one of the independent women from history who has stuck in my mind long after reading about her.  I first learned about her in middle school and even though she did some pretty amazing things, it seems she doesn’t get a lot of press.  She faced much adversity being an outspoken woman as well as a woman of color, but those obstacles did not stop her.  Her religious convictions helped her press on to become a powerful orator, homeowner, and author.  She even managed to win several cases she brought to court.  I chuckled when she schooled the men in her speech “Ain’t I a Woman” where she pointed out that “man” had nothing to do with Christ.  It was God and a woman who birthed the Christ.    



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