Emily Dickinson:  An Independent Creative

Emily Dickinson: An Independent Creative

Like most of the fascinating women from my childhood, I was only given a tiny blip of information about them.  Oh, but how the world is different now I have Google.  I don’t think 12-year-old me, learning about the poet Emily Dickinson, would ever dream there would be a world of information at my fingertips in less than ten years from then.  Poetry was the first talent I learned to cultivate.  Granted, I didn’t read much poetry back in my early days, but Emily’s poems caught my attention.  I learned she had written only a “few” poems and made it my goal to beat the number of poems she produced.  Reading the biographical information on Emily was fascinating.  So many things left out of the paragraph devoted to her in middle school textbooks.  I didn’t know she had Bright’s disease or that she wrote letters to people to keep her mind sharp often corresponding with many popular thinkers of her time.  I find it sad she imposed seclusion on herself though.  I wonder what would have happened if she had spent more time with people?        



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