Affinity Products 90 Day Trial!

Affinity Products 90 Day Trial!

Check out this post from Affinity offering a 90 day free trial.

I have worked with Adobe products for almost 20 years. When I took my digital art class way back in 2000, Adobe Photoshop wasn’t quite as cool as it is now. However, over the years, Adobe has grown and become an industry standard. I was right along with them until they moved to this Creative Cloud. I won’t get into all the reasons why I dislike the CC model here, but just know there are alternatives. Don’t let purists dissuade you from trying Affinity.

Last weekend, before the apocalypse hit my town, I decided to watch one of the many tutorials about Affinity I picked up from Udemy. Why? Because the 1.8 update was massive IMO. Mostly because I saw a plug in I love to use, NIK Collection, supporting Affinity. Nik Collection 2.5 is now compatible with Affinity Photo 1.8 to be exact!

I decided I wanted to work with vector images because I wanted to make cute stickers or logos. I ended up making the below item from the tutorial. It isn’t quite 100% like they showed, but that’s just how I roll. Nothing screams author and artist more than a pen and paint brush. The tools inside Affinity Designer are freaking awesome.

So, for those of you finding yourself wanting to learn Adobe, but not pay a fee, check out Affinity. It’s a one time purchase. They also have apps! Using these on my iPad is going to be fun. Plus, if you do find you like the programs you can buy them for less!

PS, I think most Adobe Photoshop Brushes work with Affinity Photo.


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