Connect With Other Writers For Free!

Connect With Other Writers For Free!

Check out this offer from Balance of Seven and Writespace

While it is true many of us writer types are introverts, it is wrong to say we don’t enjoy getting together with other creatives and working on projects. Only last month, I was happy to meet with my monthly writer’s group. However, when this month’s meeting rolled around, I bowed out due to the COVID19 threat. It wasn’t long after I skipped the meeting that the world started shutting down.

My writer’s group meets in a Panera and gives us a chance to socialize with other authors and artists. Unfortunately, most social gatherings have been cancelled until further notice. I know it is affecting many of my creative friends. But fear not! You can socialize with other awesome authors in this special program all for the low price of FREE.

Balance of Seven is the awesome publishing house responsible for the anthology Dragons Within Guarding Her Own where my story Scorpions of Justice can be found! If you know me, you know I don’t like working with others because I like to be in control of my creative projects. So, do not let the fact that I love BOS pass by you lightly. If I didn’t like them, or felt they were anything less than an encouraging, positive force, I wouldn’t waste my time of promoting their writing groups!

What do you have to lose? Sign up today and check it out! You don’t have to be a master writer or even know where to start. Just “show up” and have fun.


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  1. Koko Brown April 29, 2020 at 8:42 am · · Reply

    Since it’s virtual can someone not from Houston take part? Thanks for sharing😊

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