2021 Changes and Updates:  All My Squirrels Are Shiny

2021 Changes and Updates: All My Squirrels Are Shiny

Good morning friends! We have now officially survived 2020 and I can honestly say 2020 was a harsh year. From lock downs to crazy politicians to distress in the streets I felt like I was constantly being splashed with freezing cold water while drowning. Halfway through the year, I had to stop watching the news because my little empathic heart couldn’t take it.

There were TOO many changes at once for most of the people in the world. I know a lot of people who felt like they went to bed one day and woke up to an entirely different life. I don’t know if words can ever capture the emotions that were 2020.

And now here we are in January, a month typically marked by resolutions, promises, and new leaves being turned. Although I didn’t make any resolutions, I have decided to streamline a few things.

If you are in my Facebook Group I’ve updated the name to be Friends and Fans of Shannon McRoberts cause let’s face it….I’m more than just an author and there is no rhyme or reason to what I will post.

My newsletter will probably also follow suit and be a whole lot of everything. I might even make a new subscription page focusing on all the facets of me.

My blog will continue to feature all the things you have come to love…but I think all my “reviews” for “things” will fall under my banner for “Doer of Stuff. Knower of Things.” And there may be reviews of things which are not the usual fare for me because maybe I felt it didn’t fit in with my “brand” as an author. However, I’ve decided I’m a barrel of irons in a fire and I have many different interests.

They say learn the rules so you can break them. Anyway, here is the warning where I tell you all my squirrels are shiny and they are coming out to play.

Happy 2021!


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