Cursed Bloods: It’s Coming

Cursed Bloods EBook Cover Option 2 Subtle


Yup.  You are looking at the possible future eBook cover of Cursed Bloods.  What is that you ask?  Why it’s only the next book in my The Daughter of Ares Chronicles.  I actually finished it on Easter Day.   If you have enjoyed my free posting of Athine Verses:  The Beginning for the last few weeks you are sure to want to continue the journey in Verses of Athine, which has books 1-4.  Cursed Bloods will pick up where Verses stopped.

Be sure to stop by and see my site dedicated to the prose books.  There you can view book trailers, see character renders, and find purchase links.


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  1. A great cover idea Shannon. I wish you the very best f luck with the new book.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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