Author Talk:  Distribution

Author Talk: Distribution

And here we are at the last part of my blog tutorial.  Distribution is not the same thing as “publishing” although a lot of these places say “publish with us and distribute here”.   Most of these places are going to offer “eBook” and “paper” options.  I have used every single one of them, except the drop cards.  Distribution is important.  Choose the wrong place, and nobody will see your book.  You need to weigh your options carefully because there are a LOT of books out there.  As long as you do not sign up for any “exclusive” clubs where you promise not to sell/give your book away somewhere else, you can use these options for maximum reach.

Amazon is still a big place for books of all kinds.  I know a lot of people who say they don’t like Amazon and they do not shop there.  However, I make sales on Amazon.  They have an OK support staff.  Sometimes it takes a few times to get the answer you need…just like at regular Amazon!

Why I like them? 

  • Uhm, they are Amazon and everybody in the world shops there supposedly
  • My first eBooks were put up on Amazon.  It was a simple process
  • Digital Comics can be made here pretty easy

What I don’t like?

  • Sometimes they get too big for their britches
  • DO NOT sign up for KDP Select if you want to publish your eBook outside of Amazon.  (They offer it on every book you make, but just know you DON’T have to click that button.  If you do, you are stuck with Amazon and ONLY Amazon for your eBooks over the next 90 days.  Oh and it auto renews.  If you break their “rules” they might ban you from Amazon selling.  This includes handing out digital copies of your book)

Smashwords opened up the rest of the eBook world.  They have options for libraries, subscription eBook services, and they get you into the Apple store.  Customer service is adequate, but still feels a little less than helpful at times.

Why I like them? 

  • They get you into the other playing fields that were once a mystery
  • Coupon creator so you can make coupons any time you want
  • You can send everyone to Smashwords and they can buy all the formats right then and there

What I don’t like? 

  • That meatgrinder format thingy is SCARY  (remember I already showed you how to beat that thing in my formatting post)
  • They don’t let you use your ePUB anywhere else

Draft2 Digital is kind of a new player.  They can get you into almost all the same places that Smashwords can, but they cannot offer you things like library distribution.  They are continuing to grow.   Their customer service was very responsive and helpful.

2019 update!  I’ve switched my distribution other than Google Play and Amazon to Draft2Digital!  Since I originally wrote this blog post, D2D has grown.  They can get you into libraries, extended distribution, and Google Play.  They are also staring to offer paperback services, although this is in beta.

Why I like them?

  • They get you into the other playing fields
  • They let you use your ePUB file elsewhere
  • You don’t have to know squat about formatting
  • They will let you make a PDF paper book right there on their site and have a beta for their own service
  • They are in league with the universal link that is freaking awesome at

What I don’t like? 

  • This has changed, there isn’t much I don’t like about them anymore.  They have really stepped up to give Amazon a run for its money!  They also stepped up for all the displaced Pronoun authors!

Why I like them?

  • Beautiful hardcover books
  • They have opened up their distribution to more than the Blurb store
  • They have a downloadable template.  No messy trying to figure out what the hell you are doing as far as layout

What I don’t like?

  • Price is almost too much to sell them yourself.  Not that hardbacks are cheap, but a lot of their book offerings cannot compete with using Createspace for your author events

This is the first place I published with.  They are easy to use.  They are a good option for people who are overseas from what I understand that may have problems with Createspace.  I just could never afford to buy books from them.  It is a better site for small book gifts IMO.  I no longer use them for my books because it just was too expensive to get items for resale.

These are interesting little cards that look like plastic gift cards.  You sell the cards and it give the buyer a number to input on the site to download the books.  I toyed with the idea of these.  However, it was too cost prohibitive to me at this point.  In a later post, I will show you what I opted to do that was kind of like this.  However, if you want to sell your digital book files on your own, this would work great.

Stay tuned for a few more pieces on things like Blog Tours, advertising, and QR codes.   hope these posts have helped you in some way.  If there is another topic you wish to ask me about, do not hesitate to post a comment or submit a question in my “contact” page.  I will try to answer it as quickly as possible!


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