The Price of Magic:  WIP

The Price of Magic: WIP



I finally did it.  I sat down and I have a draft in a notebook of this book that I’ve been trying to write for the last two years.  It took writing half-finished stories, two years, and some clarity to get me this far.  I know this cover art may look familiar for some of you; however, you will note that I changed the title and the tag line.  I think the title is there.  The tagline, I’m not sure.  I may or may not change the cover art.

Part of my problem with figuring my story out is that I wanted to use a certain tag line and I tried to build a story around it.  Turns out that tag line was for a different story…one I didn’t think it was for.  I’m actually writing two stories.  One from a new universe, The Price of Magic, and one from the universe I already made, which will be a back story about Miranda.

I hope to have this particular story roughed out soon.  Let me know what you think of this prototype cover.  What do you think of the tag line?  The other one I played with is “Everything Has A Price”.

Now, to go work on this book so you all can read the genius that is this story 🙂



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