The Struggle #poetry

The Struggle #poetry

When every day
Is a struggle to create
Mired down in the muck
Of self loathing and hate
My creativity sometimes just suffocates

Nobody will ever understand
How hard it is to move my hand
To write the words
Or make that picture

Nobody seems to care
That every work is a testament
To finding time to do more than live

NO, they just hold out their hands
And beg for more
An hour of joy for them
But for me it’s become more like a chore

I cannot perform on queue
I cannot simply turn it on for you
Maybe I will never get that bestseller done
But you will never understand
Just how hard it is to move my hand
On days when I have no will to do more than live


I don’t know why I continue to write poetry.  I guess it is just second nature to me.  So far, nobody has bought my new poetry book.  That’s fine.  I was always told nobody buys poetry.  I don’t know why I believed mine would be different.  I will be leaving it as an e-book only because I cannot afford to produce a paper book nobody wants.  I will just go back to posting my new poetry here.  I won’t be posting any of the previously unpublished poetry from the new book though.  If anybody wants that, they are going to have to buy my book.

On the off-chance you want some of my poetry here are my book links.  Erosion is available in paper. Cover

Erosion of the Heart


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