The New Line Up:  Yes, I deleted a few books!

The New Line Up: Yes, I deleted a few books!


So, yeah.  I’ve changed a few things to my book line-ups.  I may have went a little overboard in this whole “rebranding” thing.  I kind of got rid of Verses of Athine and Cursed Bloods.  Here’s the deal.  I’ve learned a lot in the last year about covers, formatting, branding, and I’ve changed distributors like twice now.

I’ve made a lot of art and finished a few books in the last three months.  I’ve been pushing myself.  But in the midst of all this learning I realized something. I wasn’t happy with how my books were laid out.  I have some very good books that are 12+ appropriate.  I also have very nice books that are 18+ appropriate.  I never really got to advertise The Narkurru, even though I realize now how very important the book is to Cursed Bloods, because I had it bundled in Verses.  Probably the greatest part of my Daughter of Ares Chronicles is where Athine and her nemesis Nikeda start a fight in Blood Sisters, realm hop in Worlds Collide, and end up in Cursed Bloods.  Yet, none of those titles are really suitable for readers under the age of say 17 due to the adult situations.

The solution was simple.  Pull out The Narkurru and put the more adult themed books under one cover.  Also, it’s an excuse to make new covers.  I finally have a computer set up where I can render Iray without a problem.  I also learned techniques that helped me turn those photo-realistic pictures into really cool fantasy pictures.

I will more than likely leave the books this way as I look towards the future of writing Miranda, The Price of Immortality, and this current WIP that has no name but might be something like an urban fantasy!  The Price of Magic is with my editor at the moment and I hope to have that out towards the end of this year or early 2019.

If you already have all my books, you don’t need to go purchase them again.  I didn’t change the story in any of them.  I made minor tweaks to some typos, but I think this time around I am truly happy with the grouping.  If you like the new covers by all means go ahead and purchase my books again 🙂

The Beginning, The Narkurru, and Athine:  The Graphic Novel Edition are all safe stories for 12+ readers.

The Nikeda Trilogy and The Secret of Genetic Corp X are for mature readers due to adult situations and cursing.  I usually bill these as 18+, but I’d some readers age 16+ could handle it.

I also changed the numbering of the books for less confusion.  The Beginning is book 1, The Narkurru is book 2, The Nikeda Trilogy is book 3, and The Secret of Genetic Corp X is book 4.  Trilogy houses what was in Verses of Athine and Cursed Bloods.  I did not number the graphic novel, but it is a standalone based on The Beginning.  Also, remember, the comics are available in single issue installments and digital over at Indy Planet.

Until next time!

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4



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