Tamar:  The Mighty King

Tamar: The Mighty King

#WomanWednesday.  These women kick ass while making history!

She was so bad ass, they called her a king! 

The only child of King Giorgi of Georgia she ruled for 29 years.  Like most affluent women, she was “persuaded” to marry a powerful man.  Her first marriage to Prince George Bogolyubski (Kiev) was so bad she divorced him and kicked him out of the country.  Then she picked out a new husband named David Soslan.   

Of course, the ex-hubby was butt-hurt by his banishment and tried to overthrow Tamar…twice.  He lost both times because Tamar was not having it.    

Although she faced a lot of sexist opposition in her time, she held fast and grew her empire which reached a “golden age” before her death.  The Orthodox Church even made her a Saint.





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