So You Wanna Write A Book

Useful info for those wanting to write and publish books.

Author Talk: Courses

People have come to know me as "Knower of Stuff, Doer of Things". I am truly a Jack of All Trades in the context of the original saying: A jack of all trades is a master of...

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Author Talk: Productivity

The IT people at my day job hate it when I complain about screen slowdowns.  Do you know why it annoys me?  Because seconds add up.  Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours.  When I'm in the...

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Author Talk: So You Wanna Write A Book?

Over the years I have focused on my "So You Wrote A Book" series to help newer authors navigate the world of independent publishing.  Yet, what about people who stop here and would like to write a book, but...

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