My Gift To You!

I finally figured out something:  I can make some of my comics free!  Right now, for the month of December, I have put Athine #1 as a free download.  All you have to do is follow this link here and download your own copy.  The other issues are $0.99 at IndyPlanet as a digital download.


But wait!  There is more!  This weekend I learned how to do something awesome.  I used Kindle Create to transform my graphic novel into a digital eBook.  Instead of paying $18.99 for the paper version, you can pay $5.99 to read it as an interactive eBook.  I am not sure how many devices the panels move on, though.  I had to go in on my over 70 page book hand lay out the panels that are supposed to get “bigger” on Kindle devices to help you read/see things in more detail.  Amazon calls this an interactive book.  I downloaded a test sample on my phone and the comic looked great, but I could not get the interaction to work.  That may just be an operator error as I never seem to be able to get it to work 🙂  Regardless, it looks awesome on my phone!  Shop here for this book.      


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