Got 10 minutes? Use them to boost your Instagram bio with Shorby!

Got 10 minutes? Use them to boost your Instagram bio with Shorby!

You know that Instagram is not link-friendly – there is only one clickable link possible to add for the whole profile. Luckily, you have Shorby *to the rescue!

This service combines all of the important links you want to share on Instagram into a fancy page whichdrives traffic and conversions.

Shorby is so simple you may create your own page in 10 minutes!

Open Shorby page builder, and fill 3 sections:
Messengers: select the best ways to contact you and speed up communication with your audience.
Blocks: put links with everything you want to show. Blocks can contain images, videos, texts, songs, products – anything you want to share!
Social Links: let everyone subscribe to your other social accounts by adding your profiles’ icons.

Pick colors for your background/buttons, add logo, title, description if needed.
Put the created link to your IG bio…and watch how your business grows!

Easy as pie, just try!

What else can you get by adding a Shorby page to your Instagram bio?

  1. No more bio link updates. You don’t need to edit your Insta profile when you have something new to share – put this link to Shorby.
  2. Statistics for every button. Shorby counts all of the clicks made on your page. You may find out what is the most popular messenger to contact you, what is the best blog post you published, or what of your other socials are checked frequently.
  3. Retarget all of the clickers. Add pixels to all of the links, track and retarget anyone who visited your Instagram bio with advertisements.

BONUS: There is an outstanding rewards program on Shorby, which gives you $30 credit just for the registration. Using built-in referral options allows you to earn on only having one Shorby link in IG bio!

Shorby can be used literally for every business.
No matter if you are a beauty blogger or a real estate agent – let Shorby boost your Instagram bio!

Check out how snazzy my OWN Shorby Link is!

(*This post includes my affiliate link to Shorby, it costs you nothing to use, but may give me a small credit with the company if you sign up! Which you totally should b/c I love my Shorby page.)


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