Water:  Not Bad When Ice Cold

Water:  Not Bad When Ice Cold

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to like water.  I haven’t completely replaced my soda with water, but I find I am more apt to drink water when it is ice cold.  Now, I’m not talking about tepid restaurant style ice water.  No, no.  I’m talking about making your teeth cold water.  Like what I imagine those icy streams they talk about in books feel like. 

Of course, trying to get your water cold and keep it cold are two very different conundrums.  In the last two years, as I’ve tried to drink more water, I’ve tested several water bottles.  The flavor adding system type.  The metal kind.  The gas station disposable kind.  And after all of that, there is only one clear winner:  a stainless steel CAMELBAK. 

Many years ago, I won a 20 oz Camelbak.  I used it every day at the day job to get free ice water.  The vessel kept the ice cold well throughout the day.  I even came in the office the next day to find ice still in the bottle! When the pandemic happened, I left my bottle at work, thinking we were going to go back one day.  However, once we were told to come get our personal things out of the office to prepare for a move, I retrieved my bottle.  I left it sitting for a good nine months after I brought it home.  Then one day my husband declared we should purchase no more bottled water because we had a water dispenser.  Instead, I went back to using my fridge water.  Of course, no more bottled water made packing water around hard and if you have cats like me, you know an open cup of liquid is like a homing beacon to our feline mischief makers!  Thus, I dug the bottle out, washed it, and started using it daily. 

And let me tell you, there was something just magical tasting about that water.  To where after I had used the bottle for almost two months, my daughter snuck a drink and exclaimed, “This is so good!!!  Why is it so cold?!”  Of course, parents of teenagers know where this is going, right?  She started taking the bottle to school with her.  She kept going on and on about how all her friends thought the water just tasted better. 

After about a week of trying to drink out of a cup and seeing my bottle only on the weekend, I gave up and ordered myself a new one from Amazon.  My new one is 32 oz and to my surprise the whole thing can go in the dishwasher…my favorite way to wash things! 

Besides keeping my ice water freakishly cold for almost the entire day, I love how the cap can screw down where you can turn the bottle over and nothing leaks out.  In fact, when I haven’t prepared my water overnight, I fill the bottle up with ice and water before tightening the lid down and flipping the bottle over to get the ice to melt faster.  While not as cold as water in the fridge overnight, it beats the heck out of tepid water.   

I drink two of these containers easily in a day’s time.  Which is a lot more water than I used to drink.  Plus, when I have to go to conferences, I know I will always have cold water to drink if I fill my bottle up and take it with me. 

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